Embroidery Guidelines

Melco Embroidery Machines
  • If you are decorating your product with embroidery or applique, go to the Decorations Menu and select Embroidery Decorations or Applique Decorations.
  • Choose the appropriate Embroidery or Applique based on the information we have listed for each decoration type. If you are not sure what size your embroidery is, or you do not know the stitch count of your decoration, go to the Contact Us Page and send us an email or give us a call and we will help you determine the correct decoration to add to your shopping cart.
  • If you have an embroidery file, usually ending with the extension .dst or any of these file formats: .ofm, .emb, .art, .exp, .hus, .pcs, .pes, .sew, .vip, .vp3, .xxx; upload it at the bottom of the Embroidery Decorations or Applique Decorations pages or at the Contact Us Page.
  • If you do not have an embroidery file in one of these formats, your artwork will have to be digitized to be embroidered. Digitizing creates instructions allowing a logo to be stitched on a commercial embroidery machine. The number of stitches reflects the price of the embroidery and the cost to digitize your artwork. There is a one-time fee to have your artwork digitized. The digitized file is emailed to you for use in the future by any commercial embroiderer. The approximate cost to digitize your artwork is $20-$40. Generally, left chest size embroidery, about 3 inches in diameter will cost about $25.
  • Embroidery designs that are filled in are more expensive due to the increased number of stitches. To keep costs down and to speed up the completion of your decoration, choose outline style artwork. The number of colours does not affect the price of the embroidery or the digitizing fee.
  • Choose products that are suitable for embroidery. Garments that are lighter in weight and thinner are not suitable for embroidery. If you choose a product that is not appropriate for embroidery, our Art Department will inform you in an email confirming receipt of your artwork and your order.
  • Fonts (letter styles) should not have lines that are too thin or they will not show up. If your font style is not suitable our Art Department will advise you which font to use.
  • A sew-out of your embroidery or applique will be photographed and emailed to you for your approval.